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Smart - Stand Alone Walking Stick -09 (Mrkt Price- 5450/-)

Color: Light Black

ColourLight Black


About this item

  • The Smart Walking Stick is a great support for your elderly loved ones.
  • Light weight makes it virtually effortless for your elderly loved ones to carry along; rendering them reliable and strong support wherever they go.
  • Features, LED light, Emergency Flash Light and Alarm Buzzer, provide the elderly with means to obtain attention and help, in case of emergency.
  • Comes with a radio function to give your loved ones companionship and keep them connected to the latest happenings around them.
  • Needs 3 hours to fully charge - 5 V USB or AC Powered. Plays 6 hours of Radio when fully charged.Built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery. Adjustable Pole Height
  • Product description

    Color:Light Black

    The Adjustable Walking Stick with LED flash light lets you go for a walk in dark, plays FM RADIO for lonely times and hoots emergency SIREN on a press of a button. A walking stick that gives your loved ones that extra strength and confidence to go for a walk alone. Safety is now just a button away with SOS Siren feature included. Comes with a firm grip that does not let the hand slip. Easily adjustable and light weight.

  • Warranty in 6 Month


Smart - Stand Alone Walking Stick -09

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