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ICG is the best Corporate Customized Paper Bags Manufacturers, Vendors, and Suppliers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, India

We offer a wide range of customized printed promotional paper bags, with different paper materials, shapes, sizes and printing options. A printed paper bag gives you the opportunity to engage your client as you promote your company or product.
Affordable, Promotional Paper Bags provide superb brand visibility and are great for retail and shopping centers. Build your company’s image with every purchase with Custom Paper Bags.

Printed Promotional Paper Bags : Every Printed promotional paper bag we manufacture—from our bag materials to our inks—is chosen for its quality and longevity, so your bags look great through years of wear and tear.

How to choose the right bags :

You can choose the right bags based on the thickness, bag handle, color, and size. These characteristics will help you to choose the right bags of your choice. The right bag type, handle type, GSM weight carrying capacity, and correct customization can help gain the right attention that you are looking for in the industry and among your customers.

Just browse through our catalog below using the Sort By or Price Filter and let us know. We will be more than happy to help you. 


As a Wholesale manufacturer of Paper Bags, Chemzone India can provide you with a cost-effective deal on promotional  Paper Bags in bulk and get a solution to your promotional needs for a long time to come.


The paper bags printed with your logo and slogan will not only make your customers glad but also grab the attention of passersby that will remember your brand because of the attractive, high quality item.
Our custom paper bags can be personalized with many unique design options and different printing techniques to suit our client’s specifications.

Materials used : Kraft paper is used to make standard brown paper bags.The main two categories of paper used for making paper bags is recycled paper and virgin paper. The paper bags are made from Recycled Brown Kraft Paper, Virgin Brown Kraft Paper, Recycled White Kraft Paper, Virgin White Kraft Paper and Recycled Color Kraft Paper. These materials are the best when it comes to making paper bags.

Thickness and weight carrying capacityThe thickness of these bags vary from 120-150 GSM. The weight carrying capacity also differs from 2-4kgs. You can choose the right paper bags according to your needs. If you want to hold heavy boxes or items then you select the 150 GSM bag as it holds weight upto 4kgs, but if you want hold lightweight items you can select the GSM ranging from 120-140 as it can hold weight up to 2-3kgs. 

Flexible and available sizes : These paper bags are available in many sizes, the sizes range differ by 2 inches hence giving you a very clear idea of the length, width and GSM. The examples of the sizes are 10W x 10H x 4G and 12W x 12H x 4G, as you can observe here accordingly you can choose your preferred size range. If you want to hold boxes that are 11 inches in size you can go for 12x12 inch bags as it will give the right space between your item and the bag also the items will be in place without scattering.

Choice and color : The choice and color depends on you, we have a wide range of colors for you to choose from. You can even customize the color of something different in your mind. Choosing the color according to your company’s or eateries theme range can help in boosting your business name and help you also gain the right audience.

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