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Hot ‘n’ Cool Pack Gel Bead Compress CI-43 (Mrkt Price - 650/-)

  • Key Feature : Pain relief for Arthritis, Muscle Therapy, Soothe swelling, Soothe Head aches, Treat Injuries, Joint Pains, Back Pains, Sprains and Improve Blood Circulation
  • Place in a freezer at about 0 degree for a minimum of one hour. Remove and use immediately
  • Hot Therapy: Microwave for time indicated below and test pack temperature. Heat for additional 5 seconds as need until desired temperature is reached.
  • The Hot & cool pack is made of though, leakage resistant flexible material. and remains flexible even after refrigeration or microwave so that it can be placed comfortable on all part of body A belted washable cotton cover with Velcro strap makes it convenient for application.
  • Hot Therapy -Muscular And Joint Pain / Backache / Sores / Rheumatoid Or Other Arthritis / Geriatric Care Sprains / Abscess And Boils || Cool Therapy -Joints / Muscles / Arms / Calf/ Sports Injuries Sprains / Body Ache / Bruises And Bumps / Toothaches / Eye Strain / Headache
  • Warranty in 6 Month


Hot ‘n’ Cool Pack Gel Bead Compress CI-43

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