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La Opala Coral Charm Opalware Dinner Set, 35-Pieces, White/Pink

Colour White/Pink
Material Opalware
Brand LaOpala
Item Weight 7.1 Kilograms
Number of Pieces 35


About this item

  • Microwave safe
  • Break resistant
  • Toughened extra strong
  • Super white
  • Super light
  • Bone ash free - 100 percent vegetarian
  • Product description

    La Opala, since its inception in 1988, has held the reputation as the pioneers of opal glass technology in india. For many years it has been the number 1 tableware brand in india. The pride of the brand rests in being the most consumer friendly, due to which it has touched the hearts of millions with a determined vision to elevate their lifestyles.

  • Warranty in 6 Month        

La Opala Coral Charm Opalware Dinner Set CI-LO-26

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