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Digital Thermometer MT - 4333 (Mrkt Price - 325/- )


The Dr Odin Digital thermometer is available for oral, rectal and armpit use. The precision is accurate and is easy for adults and kids to use, with a 10-second beep sound when flashing stops. When the temperature reaches 100℉(37.8℃), the alarm beeps more rapidly.With our Digital Thermometer, you can feel a total peace of mind knowing that you are getting the most accurate temperature readings for your whole family. Optional temperature unit & memory function Temperature unit in Celsius and Fahrenheit are both available according to your habit. Press the switch for a while when turning on the product to change the temperature unit. The last record temperature will be displayed in LCD when turn on the product. Reliable material The Dr Odin thermometer is approved by FDA. The material is reliable and eco-friendly for users, especially for little children to take daily body temperature. Auto shut-off This product will shut off automatically when there is no operation within 1 minute for energy saving. The battery life is about 200 hours for long-time use. High durability & break resistance Waterproof design at the grade of IP22 and dustproof design means you can use the thermometer hygienically and store easily. Notes: 1. Use of the probe cover may result in a 0.2℉(0.1℃) discrepancy from actual temperature. 2. Please store this product in a dry and cool place without moisture or heat. 3. To prolong the battery life, press the On/Off button to turn unit off after testing is complete. 4. To make sure the product is clean and precision is accurate enough, please disinfect it after every complete testing. 5. For children who are two years old or younger, please do not use the devices orally. Specification: Precision: ±0.2℉(±0.1℃) Fever Warning: > 100℉(37.8℃)


Digital Thermometer MT - 4333

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